Make your love story last forever

Love is woven from small moments.

That’s why, beyond simply documenting your wedding, For All Time Films delves into every tender detail building up to the big day.

From that first spark to the moment it became clear you were meant for each other, our films celebrate every chapter that shaped your love story.

Your love story starts before you say “I do!”

“My husband and I were blown away by our wedding film. It’s such a beautiful keepsake! Jeremiah did a wonderful job. We are thrilled to call him both our videographer and our friend!”

“Jeremiah’s passion for his work shows through each part of the process, and his intentionality with every detail is amazing. We couldn't be more thrilled with how he captured our day!"

“Jeremiah truly cares for every couple and goes above and beyond to create films that genuinely capture their story.”

Your mother’s hands as she straightens your veil. The glimmer in your dad’s eyes as he walks you down the aisle. Your beloved’s face as they read their vows. It’s amazing how much you can miss while soaking it all in at the same time.

More than a simple recording, your wedding film will become a priceless keepsake that grows more meaningful to you and your family with each passing year.

Be in the moment—all over again 

As Christians, your wedding is much more than a party—it’s a ceremony grounded in sacred traditions and beliefs.

Blessings. Sermons. Prayers. As faithful Christians ourselves, we understand the deep significance of these moments—and how to weave them into a compelling narrative that celebrates the beauty of your union and your love for God.

Your most sacred day, captured in His divine light

I believe love is deeply woven into every heart and soul, and that it’s my divine calling to share all the beautiful stories around me.

Hi. I’m Jeremiah!

Make your love story last forever