Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana — I’m fortunate to have grown up in a loving and affectionate home with married parents. This has given me a deep-rooted belief in the biblical marriage between a man and a woman and the meaning behind a wedding celebration. This has also led to a passion for getting to know a couple and capturing their love in a way that’s authentic to them. Story-driven and service orientated, I want to tell your story.

Hi. I’m Jeremiah!

I came from a family that also valued capturing moments, so they always had their camcorder out capturing some of our most cherished memories at home and in our family. That inspired me to pick up that same camera in the 7th grade tp start creating my own videos. It started off with fun a web-show (yes, like iCarly), and then I started making my own documentaries in High school and sports videos. I’m a lifelong follower of Jesus. I’m also an avid weightlifter, movie-goer and watcher, dancer, entrepreneur, and adventurer and one of my absolute biggest passions, a love storyteller. It brings me great joy to tell the story of two people in love.



We are based in Indiana but we are available worldwide, willing travel to any destination to capture love. My team and I have been shooting weddings for years all across the world. And one thing that’s remained consistent among all these years and all these states is this: each couple gets a film telling their love story, authentically. Just like your story is about more than only your wedding day, my story is about more than only wedding films.

Our mission is to create encounters and films that are both intentional and authentic, that tell stories that our clients will cherish for a lifetime.

We can arrange and capture all the coolest shots in the world, with the coolest angles, the best poses, the clearest picture, the best colors but if the story is not told then we failed.

We value the power of vulnerability and authenticity by staying out of the way, and letting moments and people just be.

We serve our best because that is what Christ has called us to do and to be — servants and ambassadors of Christ.

Your film is not the only thing that is timeless, our connection and relationship will be as well.

We sincerely believe that every couple has a their own unique, beautiful story and that it has to be captured and shared, even if it’s just for you to watch over and over again privately to remind yourself. where the love between you too started and why. We also believe love and romance is deeply engrained into the heart and soul of every human created, and giving someone the chance to watch and hear a beautiful love story like your’s can literally bring hope, joy, happiness, fulfillment to their life. Your film will not only be watched by your friends and family now, but even by those in generations to come ... For All Time.

What's in a name?

Behind the lens.

I unapologetically love Jesus Christ, which is my main source of purpose and joy.


I’m a huge basketball fan. playing and watching.


I’m very into fashion and often trying new outfits and color-ways.


Dancing makes me very happy. Literally to anything and anywhere. Latin, Hip Hop ... you name it.


I LOVE movies and my favorite types are romance and rom-coms ... Surprised?


Hear my story.

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